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Our New Recipe E-Book: Seedlip: Cocktails at Home, Now Available


4-minute read

Since launching Seedlip five years ago, so many people have embraced our founder, Ben Branson’s same vision to change the way the world drinks. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing the availability of non-alcoholic drinks grow, and now those looking for a delicious alternative when they’re not drinking alcohol have an impressive selection to choose from.

Our first recipe book is Seedlip, The Cocktail Book. It details 100 delicious non-alcoholic recipes developed both internally and by some of the world’s best bartenders. More recently, we’ve come to realize that our very own community has taken to crafting Seedlip cocktail recipes of their own. And it gave us an idea.

After receiving numerous original cocktail recipes from people far and wide – spanning the United States all the way to Australia – we’ve come to compile our second recipe book: Seedlip: Cocktails At Home. Within these pages, we hope you’ll be inspired and delighted by 30 original, exceptional and accessible cocktail recipes that can be made quite easily at home.

Honey Dew Spritz

Seedlip Cocktail E-Book Strawberry Margarita

While making cocktails and experimenting in the kitchen or behind a bar is in our DNA, we understand that we’re a part of an industry that traditionally creates a lot of excess waste. And there’s a lot that can be done to reduce food waste at the individual level.

In fact, according to the FDA, food waste is the ‘single largest category of material placed in municipal landfills’, totaling an estimated 30-40 percent of the country’s food supply. USDA research revealed that the 31 percent food loss [at both the retail and consumer levels] correlated to approximately $161 billion and 133 billion – with a ‘b’ – pounds of food as of 2010. A decade later, this issue persists.

So, we’re proud to have partnered with Feeding America to support their mission of ending hunger in America. With each [free] download of our new e-book, Seedlip: Cocktails at Home, we’ll be donating $1.00 to Feeding America – up to $10,000 total. Help us reach this goal by giving this recipe book a download and sharing amongst your friends.

We can’t wait to see which cocktails you bring to life, and hope enjoy them.

Download Seedlip: Cocktails at Home.